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Your Endico watercolor original will be a special treasure for years to come. It has been made to the highest possible standard of materials and artistic craftsmanship to ensure decades of enjoyment. It is part of the Endico body of work that has established the style of art called haute conduite.

Your original is hand painted by Mary Endico using top quality artist grade watercolor on 100% cotton fiber paper. It is then hinge mounted to conservation matboard using archival quality linen tape. Paper, tape, matboard and foam backing are all acid-free to protect from yellowing. In addition the paper, matboard and backing are buffered to protect from fading, bleeding, and environmental damage. If framed the painting is enclosed by a rigid metal frame with glass overlay to further protect and stabilize.

Endico watercolors are painted and assembled under a color corrected light source to give the most uniform representation of classic north light conditions. This allows them to retain their character when displayed under the broadest possible range of lighting types.

As any fine article your Endico original should be handled in a manner befitting its quality and uniqueness. To enhance its longevity please keep it in the mounting provided. The matboard places a space between the painting and glazing to protect from condensation. The watercolor is hung from the matboard by a single hinge method which allows the paper to breathe and adjust to changes in temperature and humidity.

We suggest maintaining an optimum room temperature of 65 degrees with a 50% relative humidity. At times a slight puckering of the paper may become evident. This is one of the characteristics a trained observer uses to verify the authenticity of an original watercolor. The painting should not be subjected to direct sunlight as discoloration may occur.

For more information about materials see: Technical White Paper

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