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Mary Endico has hand painted and sold more than 21,000 original watercolors. She has of course painted many more. Currently information with linked images are shown on this website for 6,368  of her original watercolors, some that are available for purchase and many that have been sold. There are also examples of Mary's work in other mediums.

This online database is constantly being updated, so if you have an Endico watercolor that is yet to be included, let us know.

Images with relevant information for 1,254  paintings that are currently available for purchase  can be accessed using one of the following three separate interfaces:


The number is the ID tacking number which has been placed on the frame backing and the paintings themselves since the summer of 1997. There is only a slight relevance of ID number to date of creation, because paintings may be verified and placed on the database much later than they were created.

The Endico studio may be able to provide additional information, even if your own painting predates the image archiving and numbering system.

More than 14,000 Endico paintings were sold before the imaging aspects of this database were developed. Your painting may not be numbered, or its number may not be found on the painting itself. However, sales information tied to the original purchaser's account has been tracked electronically since the year 1983. This provides the studio with text records to guide us in providing information about your Endico watercolor or aiding authentication when adding your painting to the official online record.

Personal information is never published, and other particulars are withheld on request. Typically only the tracking code, size, type, materials used, year of creation, and city where the painting resides are published.

If you have an Endico painting that you wish to have included in the official record, scanning may be done by the studio at no charge, or you may submit a TIFF or JPEG image as an attachment to direct e-mail. Many people have done just that. If a digital image does not exist, you may send a standard photo, which does not need to be professionally prepared—even a quick Polaroid of the painting hanging on your wall will do. An honest attempt will be made to return submitted photos. Ask for details using the Quick Query Form.


One of the elements tracked on the database is the "Material" used. This means the paper and watercolor used for a given painting. Best efforts have been made to tie down the specifics, but pieces made before the image tracking system are sometimes in question.

Winsor Newton Artist Grade Watercolors have been a mainstay and span all periods, though some colors were dropped from Endico's work after they proved to be "fugitive," which means they are light sensitive and will fade over time. These colors are no longer used.

As for the paper, Mary has explained that four periods exist and has set time frames to use when doubt arises. The following list shows the three manufacturers she has used and the approximate years for each. All are 300 gm cold press.

  • Arches (1976-1983)
  • T.H. Saunders (1984-1992)
  • Lanaquarelle (1993-2006)
  • Winsor Newton (late 2006-present)

More information about materials and this progression will be published later. If you have a special interest, ask for an explanation using the Quick Query Form.


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