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How much $ is my Endico watercolor worth?

Mary never speculates on the current value of her earlier works.

For an original purchaser of record (where records exist) Mary will always provide a written receipt on letterhead stating the price paid at time of purchase. This may be useful for tax or insurance purposes, or for general interest. Use the Quick Query Form to request such confirmation, but read the rest of this page first or you are likely to be ignored.

If looking merely to authenticate an acquired Endico see the example signatures.

If you wish Mary to personally authenticate a piece for you, she will still do so free of charge for purchasers of record (sales with contact information that are found on her database), otherwise her fee for authentication is $1,000.00 per piece payable in advance.

Mary has no interest in her past works because she is busy painting new watercolors, so she automatically appraises all her past work at zero dollars if asked.

As of 10/15/2015 Mary has experienced a rash of Internet and phone call queries wherein people have posed as one of her collectors, or an art lover in general who has found one of her paintings at such as a yard sale, but in fact they were just doing research in an attempt to sell one of Mary's earlier pieces online ... which experience has shown they always fail to do.

Therefore the current policy is $1,000.00 per piece for all but registered buyers who are already found on her database.

As for appraisals for insurance purposes, insurance companies will require an outside appraisal in any case, and as stated we know of no secondary market for Endico paintings.

Just as in the painting of an Endico original watercolor, the sale of one also can be accomplished only by Mary's hand alone (as far as we know).

Plus insurance companies only insure for "replacement value" which is a term that has no meaning for Endico watercolors because each is a hand made original.

We have ourselves never insured any of Mary's work.

Anybody finding an Endico painting in the wild has not struck gold.

Mary's paintings are like family photos … of great personal value to those who own them, irreplaceable if lost or destroyed, but not a fungible monetary unit to be used for investment and trade.

Also, be aware that Mary does NOT buy back for resale her older pieces under any circumstances, except as outlined in her generous LIMITED RETURNS POLICY. Mary can reproduce (similar and better) any of her earlier works, so if she wants one she will paint it.

In summary we are saying that Mary will not waste her time helping you setup an eBay startup shop pretending you have something to sell.

Mary sells only her skill and her hand painted watercolors which cannot be reproduced digitally.

If you are a purchaser of record, she is glad to authenticate, scan, and assign a tracking number for the online database free of charge, but for all others it is $1,000.00 in advance for the service.

Although feedback through Mary's website remains sparse, a recent e-mail (dated 05/09/05) states the following, which expresses sentiments often expressed by collectors coming into the studio:

Hi Mary,

I wake up each morning to two Endico's in my bedroom. I have two in my hallway in the front of the house and another in another bedroom. I wouldn't part with them no matter how much they were worth. We purchased the first one back in the early 80's because we fell in love with it and just kept coming back for more. You re-matted our first one right before we moved to Florida back in 2000. I'm glad we received your latest postcard so we could visit your nice website.

Kissimmee, FL

On the other hand, "How much money is my Endico watercolor worth," is a question that was never asked except online through Mary's website for many years, so extra effort is taken here to explain.

[Actually, one phone call was received 04/21/06, long after this page was written, and that person mentioned they had already seen this website, so it must be stated here again: all pricing information regarding older work is available through this website. Please do not phone Mary about such things as current value of discontinued 25 year old hand colored animal prints bought for $4.95 in 1982. Mary does not buy back her own work from people who have lost sight of why they purchased it in the first place. She is very busy producing current work and providing the best possible service for current collectors. ]

On rare occasion an older Endico watercolor is found, or a collector has lost track of what their painting is valued at, and a question is sent to Mary requesting assessment of the current value of a given piece.

Mary does not conduct appraisals of her earlier works, as the art market is too volatile for her to make realistic judgments about pieces other than her most current work. She has always cautioned people that art is not a rational investment like government bonds, or real estate, even if ignoring the fact that the value of those investments  have often revealed their own vulnerabilities and may be subject to their own wild fluctuation. Endico collectors universally understand this. They buy Mary's watercolors for their intrinsic value, which goes well beyond mere dollars and cents.

In judging her current work Mary uses a range of criteria that particularizes a specific piece by placing it within the context of her full body of work, by comparing the piece's success relative to her current level of achievement, by evaluating the level of difficulty required to produce it, and by knowing what her collectors are hoping to find — and are willing to pay for — among other criteria.

Older pieces may or may not fit her current criteria of excellence, because she is always improving. The newest pieces are almost certainly viewed as the best. Any competent art appraiser can help decide what a piece is worth and will be able to explain why it is deemed of value.

Be sure to ask about "provenance" as that is a word which should scare even the most rational of investors and will put the rest of the appraisal process in stark perspective — especially where the word has been expanded to mean, "Formerly owned by a famous person, and therefore now more valuable than ever."

Don't forget, for the original purchaser of record (where records exist) Mary will always provide a written receipt on letterhead stating the price paid at time of purchase. This may be useful for tax or insurance purposes, or for general interest. Use the Quick Query Form to request such confirmation.

Otherwise, the searchable online database provides prices of currently available pieces plus a provenance confirmation of already purchased paintings, and the studio is always interested in receiving images to combine with the local (unpublished) text records in order to bring more images online.

Records extend back to at least 1983 in digital form, while paper records may be found back to 1976. Of course there are works of much earlier vintage that pre-date all formal records.

For more information about the database and how to submit photos see: About the database.


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