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Acid-free matboard helps protect watercolors from migration of injurious chemicals (both airborne and from glazing surfaces) to insure long lasting protection against oxidizing agents that deteriorate watercolor papers. Endico watercolors have always been produced using the best acid-free paper, but early works may have been matted using non-acid-free matboard. This is due to the fact that acid-free matboard in a range of colors is of relatively recent development and was previously unavailable.

Since the longevity of art pieces having historic and personal value are at risk, Endico watercolors should have their matting upgraded to the best available museum quality acid-free matting. The artist has offered to provide this service at no charge.

You may determine if your Endico Original is mounted using older style matting by inspecting the inside beveled edge of the matboard. If it has yellowed (like an apple left exposed to air) then you have a non-acid-free mounting. Over time the yellowing could migrate to the watercolor itself and cause its value to decrease.

Since it may be difficult to determine if yellowing has occurred without comparison to an acid-free surface of the same vintage, you may bring your painting to the artist's studio for an evaluation. If needed, the matting will be changed free of charge with the exception of early animal prints.

Early animal prints were designed to be as affordable as possible, so when it became apparent that upgrading materials would make that pricing goal unobtainable the prints were discontinued.

Therefore, upgrading animal print matboard to acid-free might help assure they last as long as possible, but the paper they were printed on is itself subject to yellowing plus many were colored by apprentice helpers using magic marker.

The studio is currently looking into new printing technologies to provide archival prints of these much loved images at an affordable price.

Request further details using the Quick Query Form.

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