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Wedding shower, July 7, 1980

Those of you who are friends of Mary and have collected her art over the years will certainly remember the happy couple at left.

This photo is a look back toward the start of the fun and excitement generated around the Endico Watercolor Studio which continues through today.

The adventure of visiting Mary amidst her work and selecting that perfect watercolor for your home, or for a gift, need not be thwarted by time and distance—even if your travel to Sugar Loaf may be slightly delayed.

Now, more than a quarter century past the beginnings of the Endico experience, the Internet happily provides a way to visit the artist from the comfort of your own home—or wherever you happen to be.

The bright lad shown at Mary's side above has parlayed his knowledge of technology, gleaned through production of his music that many of you continue to enjoy, to set up an online system which allows Mary to step you through choices, just as if you were visiting her in person in the studio.

All you need do is point your Web browser to the Compare Page, then click your refresh button as Mary presents choices to you over the phone.

There are more than 3,000 paintings available to view online. And Mary is adept at providing the same exciting experience and quintessential service over the phone (with a little help from the Internet) in the manner that she has always provided in her studio. In fact most of the year, she will still be in the studio. However, nowadays she spends her Winters in the South, riding her bike, and gaining strength for painting, while keeping her girlish figure. Of course, she draws and paints also during the Winter (can't be stopped), so she always returns each Spring with even more top quality watercolors.

Call 845-469-9272 during the day to see if you might catch Mary in (and off her bicycle), or leave a message to have her call you back. Or if you prefer, just send a QUICK QUERY FORM to receive that well known Endico service. Even during the Winter months, Mary will still be checking her messages and may have something shipped to you rather easily.

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