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Original purchase 30 days / 1 year for gifts.
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Although a reasonable time is allowed for exchanges and/or store credit (30 days) and gift purchases are exchangeable up to one year, the Endico studio does not buy back paintings or accept earlier paintings in exchange for current work. Nor does the studio buy back for resale Mary's old work under any circumstances.

Collectors who buy directly from the Endico studio are interested in Mary’s most current work. The studio cannot fairly represent older paintings as "new" because they would not fit into the chronology of her body of work.

The development of an artist is a slow evolutionary process—one of continual learning and experimentation through creative and technical growth. Older Endico watercolors are distinctive in that the artist cannot "return in time" to paint a specific period. The look, feel and character of earlier works can never be perfectly recreated.

Therefore, while numerous collectors may be searching for examples of earlier periods to complete their collections outlining the development of haute conduite, those issues are best handled by third parties. The Endico studio is focused on providing new work of the highest quality.

However, if a collector does decide that a painting purchased years ago no longer suits their lifestyle, it may be donated to a museum or local nonprofit institution such as a hospital or nursing home. There the artwork can bring many more years of pleasure and instruction to new eyes.

Fine art galleries who represent only top quality work may also be interested in Endico watercolors.

In case of donation where a record is needed for tax purposes, the Endico studio may provide a statement regarding the purchase price. Use the Quick Query Form to request such confirmation.

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Endico Watercolor Originals, P.O. Box 31, 1386 Kings Highway, Sugar Loaf, NY 10981-0031

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