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This page is a selected list of juried national and international shows that have included Endico watercolors plus awards received. Images of the paintings mentioned may be viewed by clicking on the titles. Other paintings may be viewed by following the links provided for those currently available for purchase, in private collections, or in Mary's personal archives or acquired by permanent museum collections. tests

Also provided is a list of US cities where Endico paintings currently reside.

Selected Shows and Awards

1890 Dissected World View
National Watercolor Society,  2015 International Small Image China Exchange
"Two Countries Juried Exhibition"
444 The King's Krypton American Watercolor Society, 139th Annual International Exhibition 2006
NEWS 24th International 2000 ("The John Pike Award")
International Watermedia Twelve 2001
Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 105th Annual Exhibit 2001
475 Krypton's Perfect Storm International Society of Experimental Artists 2001 Exhibition
NEWS 26th International 2002
424 Cliff Hanger National Watercolor Society 81st Annual Exhibition 2001
San Diego 21st International 2002
Watercolor Art Society-Houston, Challenge of Champions 2003
944 Set It Free NEWS 25th International Exhibition 2001 (awarded)
514 Small Package Audubon Artists 59th Annual Exhibition 2001
4 Chernobyl OCWS 1986 (awarded)
Knickerbocker Artists 36th Annual Open Exhibition1986
Allied Artists Annual 1987
Kentucky Watercolor Society Annual 1988
Midlantic Regional Exhibit 1991
3 Black Nite Over Red Sea OCWS 1988 (awarded)
Community Art Association 1988 (awarded best in show)
National Exhibit of American Watercolors 1988
Allied Artists Annual 1989
17 Another Black Nite Audubon Artists 1989
National Exhibit of American Watercolors 1989
2 Dante's Inferno San Diego 17th International 1997
NEWS Annual 1998 (awarded)
261 Pipe Dream Georgia Watercolor Society 7th Annual Exhibit
245 The Conductor OCWS
Knickerbocker Artists 35th Annual Open Exhibition 1985
264 Space 809 OCWS (awarded)
Aqueous 85
National Exhibit of American Watercolors 1985
Georgia Watercolor Society Annual
258 Liberty National Arts Club
OCWS 1986
Kentucky Watercolor Society 1987 (awarded)
 Red Rhythm Art of Orange and Rockland Invitational 1986
257 Kites Knickerbocker Artists
262 Purple Conductor Kentucky Watercolor Society 1989
222 Red Kryptonite NEWS International 1991 (awarded)
Kentucky Watercolor Society 1994
294 Krypton Freeze NEWS International 1999
223 Red Ice Caverns National Watercolor Society 72nd Annual 1992
6 Navajo Rain OCWS (awarded)
National Exhibit of American Watercolors 1984
Knickerbocker Artists
Louisianna International 1988
 Dock Tour Audubon Artists 42nd Annual 1984
246 Pumpkin Pi OCWS 1980 (awarded aka: September Pumpkin)
Beaux Arts Annual 1980 first place watercolor
  The Factory New Rochelle Art Association 67th Annual Juried Exhibition (awarded)

OCWS = Orange County Watercolor Society; NWS = Northeast Watercolor Society

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