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Showing 12 specimens of the Endico signature.   
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Below are examples of the Endico signature listed chronologically (1967 thru 2011). Use them to help confirm authenticity and provenance of acquired Endico artworks.

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Showing 12 examples of the Endico signature.


Paintings done after the year 2000 will also have a tracking ID on the foam core backing unless it has been reframed by an outside service; however, even in that case, it should still have a penciled tracking number on the back of the painting itself.

More signature examples (and possibly the painting you have) can be found using the Directory of Sold Endico watercolors and clicking through to the larger image for closer inspection.

In her own words Mary explains the situation thus:

After experimenting with "cute" signatures in my teens, I settled on using merely Endico in my early 20's

My husband Bob (Fugett) suggested the importance of continuity in my presentation, so I worked hard at refining my signature.

I recall seeing a signature by John Pike and noting the artistry with which he penned his name.

While I was a student of Ed Whitney, Ed was experimenting with signing his own name in different styles in order to fit the subject matter.

 He suggested I try it, but I snapped his head off saying, "No ... one's signature must always be recognizable!"

However, to appease Ed I did experiment with placing my signature in different parts of the composition, but I found it confused my collectors when they could not find my name on a painting.

Still, even today, I do sometimes change the color of my signature as a tribute to Ed's idea

While with Ed, I also remember signing my name before a painting was finished, and he remarked how unusual that was to do.

I said, "Why? I know it will be a good painting when I am done."

Ed said I had balls ... LOL

Mary's statement about working toward consistency belies the degree to which each signature is as unique as the painting on which it is found.

The Endico signature is found on over 21,000 original watercolors created by Mary Endico and sold worldwide, so a distinction must be made between her hand written signature (placed on each individual work of art) and her letterhead advertising logo.

Her familiar logo signature is actually a combination of two separate signatures that were stitched together to achieve a composition suitable for adding subtext in tightly spaced display ads.

Shown immediately below is a section from one of several sheets of sample signatures brushed by Mary as choices for her advertising logo.

 The "co" from the first full signature (upper left) was pasted onto the "Endi"  just below it (middle right) and cleaned up to make the Endico logo which is used for Mary's print ads, media brochures, and her website.

This logo compositing was done prior to January 2, 1992 CE, and twenty of the original candidate signatures are preserved on acid-free sheets in the Endico studio archive.

Otherwise, the Endico signature found on Mary's watercolors varies as much as her many styles of painting, and she often uses her signature as just another design element in a larger piece. Samples are provided above.

As for the logo signature the following detail is taken from the earliest surviving digital file, a Pagemaker file dated 01/02/1992.

From the earliest surviving digital record

The logo was immediately used for the Endico brochure, studio signage, news print, and magazine ads such as the one shown next from the Hudson Valley Guide.

This 1992 full page ad also prepared
in the Endico studio

The ad page above is dated Winter 1992-93, so the compositing described earlier was done long enough prior to the beginning of 1992 to meet publication deadlines.

The little hand scanner used to acquire the original Endico signature image was not so wonderful, but at least it got things going, despite Bob almost having destroyed his mousing shoulder trying to smooth out curved lines with only square pixels for the job ... on a very slow and crash prone computer.

Another of the early display ads using the composited Endico signature
Freshly scanned in 2011 from a production tear sheet

Once again, if you are still unclear regarding provenance of a piece presented as an original Endico, you may request a free studio review using the Quick Query Form.


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